Screen printing is a method that consists of pushing ink through a woven mesh stencil onto the garment. The stencil is created though coating the mesh screen with an emulsion and allowing it to dry.  An original image is created on a transparent overlay, where the areas that will let ink through are completely opaque. This is then placed on the screen and the mesh is exposed to ultraviolet light, hardening areas exposed to the light and allowing the blocked areas to be dissolved and washed away.

The area’s that are washed away are the spaces that the ink will go through to create the design. The ink is then pushed by a fill blade or squeegee over the screen to flood the open holes in the mesh. Then, as the blade is pulled back over the mesh, the ink is pushed through the mesh onto the garment.

For large batches with a single color and simple design, screen printing is the way to go. A special screen stencil must be made for the design, so the more garments the better to make it worth your while.

Screen printed items require a special stencil for each design. The more intricate and colorful the design, the more stencils needed for a single garment. It’s best to keep your design simple if you are going with the screen-printing method.

Only one color can be printed at a time and per stencil when screen printing. That means for each color you want, a new stencil needs to be made, which means more time and money.

Screen printing looks great and will last a long time. Unlike embroidery, which is only done on fabrics, screen printing can be done on a variety of materials. Whether you want to put your organization's logo on coffee cups, tote bags, stress balls, or t-shirts, screen printing will get the job done. Overall, screen printing is less expensive than embroidery, so it is ideal for large orders and large logos.

We offer printed t-shirts and bags for everyday uniforms or special events. Get your photos, company name, special message and logo imprinted. 
- cost effective 
- single color to full color 
- low minimums




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